4 Best HGH Supplements You Should Try

If you are a fitness seeker or an athlete, there is no way you haven’t heard of HGH supplements.

The human growth hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland and promotes growth in children and also in adolescent age.

Deficiencies of HGH can lead to different disorders like Turner’s syndrome and dwarfism.

Because the human growth hormone promotes the growth of your body and a vast population uses it as a means to enhance their athletic abilities and muscle growth.

HGH supplements are also popular among users if anti-ageing products, although there are no substantial scientific proofs that they promote the anti-ageing process.

HGH supplements come in two ways.

  1. Supplements which are hormones
  2. Supplements which trigger the release of HGH in the body

It is to be kept in mind that category 1 supplements come in the form of injections and are not legally sold on the market without a doctor prescription.

While category 2 supplements are widely available in the open market and are also available on Amazon and other online sites, they come in the form of pills and are orally administered.

They are popular among young people because of their muscle-building effects and among others due to their supposed anti-ageing effects.

Best HGH Supplements:

1. Gen F-20 Plus

Gen F-20 Plus

Gen F20 plus comes in the form of pills and a spray.

It claims to increase the secretion of HGH in the body without any side effects.

A decrease in the secretion levels of HGH at older age results in the ageing process and Gen F20 plus helps in regaining the fresh anti-wrinkle skin by helping the body increase the levels of HGH.

Gen F20 increases IGF 1 levels in the body. IGF 1 is not only considered as a substitute for insulin but promotes skeletal and muscle growth in the body. It serves various other purposes like the growth of the brain, lungs, and kidney cells.

It is available only on the official website, i.e. genf20-plus.com

Reasons why it is popular among users are

  1. It promotes an anti-ageing process
  2. Improves muscle growth
  3. increases the rate of metabolism
  4. increases libido
  5. boosts energy
  6. No side effects reported
  7. No harmful ingredients present
  8. Improves bone health
  9. increases immunity

But its price is a little too high, so if you are low on a budget it is not recommended.


2. GF-9:

Growth Factor 9 is another HGH supplement that optimizes the functions of the pituitary gland.


Growth Factor 9Its main ingredients include

  1. l-lysine – helps reduce blood pressure in the body
  2. Hydrochloride – improves digestion of proteins
  3. L-arginine ­– converts to nitric acid, which acts as a vasodilator and thus helps in the dilation of arteries and vessels and improves blood circulation.
  4. Oxo-proline – present in many proteins
  5. N-acetyl – improves brain and heart health
  6. L-cysteine – reduces ageing effects
  7. L-glutamine – helps to heal wounds and improves immunity
  8. Schizonepeta (aerial parts) powder – helps in the treatment of some skin conditions

GF-9 helps in body growth in the following ways

  1. Gives a boost to your energy
  2. Helps stamina building in athletes
  3. Improved muscle and bone growth
  4. Helps the burning of body fat
  5. Improved Libido

But some customers have reported insomnia after its use.


GF-9 is easily available in the open market. You can also buy it from Amazon, GNC, Walgreens, and CVS.


3. L-arginine

L-arginine is a non-essential amino acid that is naturally formed by the body and is commonly referred to as human growth stimulant. Still, sometimes the body demands more of it than it is already producing. In such cases, it can be taken orally as a supplement.

Because arginine is an amino acid, it plays a vital role in the synthesis of proteins by the body. And because it promotes muscle growth, it is used by the bodybuilders as well as fitness seekers.


  1. Increases muscle mass
  2. Burning of fat
  3. Improves immunity
  4. Improves body functions
  5. Promotes the production of urea and glutamate
  6. Improves blood flow which is mainly helpful during the workout
  7. Helps in muscle and chest cramps
  8. Treats erectile dysfunction by producing nitric oxide, which causes Vasodilation. So improved blood flow and lowers blood pressure
  9. It is an amino acid that helps the body to make protein
  10. Controls blood sugar levels so good for diabetic patients
  11. Helps in the wound healing process
  12. Treats anxiety
  13. Treats infertility

Side effects

Possible side effects of L-arginine include

  1. Recurrence of allergies and eczema
  2. Worsen condition in patients suffering from asthma
  3. Migraines
  4. Indigestion, diarrhoea and weakness
  5. Is not recommended to be taken in pregnancy or for breastfeeding women
  6. High percentages of nitric oxide are harmful to the brain

Previously l-arginine was thought to help improve heart functions. Still, researches now suggest that patients who have a medical history of heart disease, especially myocardial infarction, should not use this supplement because it may worsen the effects and can cause death in such cases.


L-arginine is easily available in the market and can be bought online on Amazon as well.


4. Crazy Bulk HGH 2

Crazy Bulk HGHCrazy bulk HGH is a highly recommended supplement for bodybuilders because it is very useful in promoting the release of human growth hormone in the body.

It effectively increases muscle growth and helps burn body fats. And its popularity is more associated with its ability to show effects in a short period. Consumers even report to experience improvement after just a month usage of Crazy bulk HGH.

Its positive effects also include a boost in confidence and a suitable mode with an increased desire to work out


  • Hawthorne berry extract – for treating high blood pressure, digestive and heart issues. It also contains antioxidants.
  • Maca root – improves stamina and is also beneficial for infertility
  • Mucuna purines– helps in alleviating mood. It also increases stamina and reduces anxiety


Benefits of Crazy bulk HGH include

  1. Improved Muscle growth
  2. Increased secretion of dopamine
  3. Effectively burns body fat
  4. Alleviates mood
  5. Popular among users to be effective
  6. Improves healing


Crazy bulk HGH is available from the official website of Crazy bulk only. And they give discounts on bulk purchases and also have a refund policy


Although we should let our body naturally synthesize HGH sometimes the use of supplements becomes inevitable, especially athletes need higher levels of HGH than average or what body can synthesize. Still, cautions should be taken regarding the required dosage and any side effects.



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