Healthy Dinner Ideas That Help You Lose Weight

Dinner Ideas

Food is the most critical part of our health. If you are healthy, it is because of healthy food, and if you are not healthy, if there is some lacking in your food. So every meal in day or night it is imperative to have healthy foods which give you all nutrient required for your body. So in this article, we focused on how you make you dinner healthy, you learn about some exciting ideas of dinner that help you to eat healthily.

So, your body needs to gain the required nutrient; your dinner should include all type of nutrients. The nutrient can be defined as essential items in food which help us to grow, energetic and healthy.

Main 6 Nutrient Effective For Healthy Dinner

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Proteins are long chains of amino acid which protect our muscles, intake of proteins in food is very important for built muscles, other vices this will cause severe joint and muscles pain.

Example: eggs, beans, nuts, meat, dairy product (milk, yogurt, cheese)

So your diet should contain proteins:

Advice for dinner

You can take one glass of milk on a daily bases

You can eat an egg at night with some vegetable

You can have beans for you dinner

Have some nuts with milk

Make grill chicken


Fat is a nutrient. It provides energy to our body, source of taste and texture to food. If your food contains fat, you feel full for a longer time, and it protects different organs, used for absorbing vitamins.

Example: olive oil, avocado, fatty meat like fish, sunflower seeds, butter etc.


Carbohydrate is a nutrient which converts itself in glucose to help our body to result in energy.

There are three types of carbohydrates simple and complex carbohydrates (simple and complex sugar and fibre)

Example: bread, dairy products, cakes, biscuits, fruits, vegetables, pasta, rice etc.


It is a very vital element for our cells and organ to function correctly. It secures joints, helps the blood to circulate, glows skin, activates the mind and most important it function for all part of the body as well convert itself into energy. The body contains 60% water.


Minerals are small chemical compounds which naturally found. Minerals are found mainly in unprocessed food or some processed food. Minerals are beneficial, and they help the body to prevent different diseases, good for bones, give energy to body etc.

Minerals are zinc, calcium, sodium, phosphorous, copper, iron, potassium, sulphur etc.

Example: egg, fruit and vegetable, dairy product, nuts.


Vitamins are a source of energy for our body. It consists of no calories. It prevents cancer, keeps the immune system secure, reduces acne, improves vision, help in growing muscles.

Vitamins are of two type’s fat-soluble (vitamins A, D, E, and K) and water-soluble (B- complex, C)

Example: fruit and vegetable, meat, dairy products etc.

  • You can use peas, potatoes, cucumber for dinner
  • You can go for fresh fruit it can also be a source of vitamins

10 Best Ideas For Healthy Dinner

dinner for weight loss recipes

So here are some idea for healthy dinners

Mix Vegetable Salad

  • Take a bowl to add vegetables you like
  • Peas, potato, tomato, carrots
  • Boil some pasta
  • Combine them
  • Add a small amount of cream add some black pepper and salt to taste
  • Your healthy dinner is ready

It dish provide your body high calcium, carbohydrates, vitamins to make your body more healthy.

Grill Chicken With Cabbage

  • Take a grill pan
  • Marinate chicken for 30 minutes with lemon, yogurt, garlic ginger and some species like black pepper, salt, red chilli powder
  • After 30 minutes grill it with low-fat oil
  • Add cabbage
  • You can take fish or beef instead of chicken

This dish provides you with Protein, minerals, and fats that help you to boost your energy.

Oats With Milk And Nuts

If you bored of veggies here is a solution to take oats at night with nuts.

  • Make a bowl of oats
  • Add some nuts
  • Your simple dinner is ready.

This dish provides you nutrient your body requires on a daily bases.

Brown Rice With Egg And Vegetable

If you are a rice lover, you should try this ides

  • Boil brown rice, chicken and veggies with little oil
  • Add carrots peas, carrot, cabbage
  • Add some salt vinegar
  • Here your vegetable rice is ready to eat

This provides you minerals, Protein, fat, carbohydrates that make your body healthy

Spinach With Egg And Beans

  • Boil beans and egg
  • Cook spinach in little oil
  • Now combine these 3 items together
  • Add some black salt pepper
  • Your healthy dish is ready

This provides you with minerals, fats, carbohydrates for better health.

Whole Wheat Spaghetti With Beans

  • Boil spaghetti, egg and beans
  • Take them in a bowl add some cream, black pepper, red chilli chunks
  • You can add little vinegar for more taste
  • Your dinner is ready

This dish is full of nutrient, which helps you to lose weight.

Chicken Cutlets

  • Take some chicken to boil it with garlic and ginger
  • Take potatoes, mash them add salt 7 spies powder
  • Mix both mixtures add some beans
  • And grill or fry it in low-fat oil
  • Your healthy dinner is ready

It includes Protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins that fulfil your nutrient requirement.

Cucumber and avocado salmon with soy-glazed

It takes 25 minutes to get ready, cook salmon with lemon-mint paste with soy-glazed, cucumbers and avocados.

Dish enrich with various nutrients like proteins, fats, vitamins, carbohydrates which for your skin and bones.

Chicken chilli Cubes roll

  • Take whole wheat wraps
  • Add marinated chicken with lemon, yogurt, mint leave and red chilli powder
  • Add some tomato sauce
  • Your healthy dinner is ready

It includes Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins that fulfil your nutrient requirements.

Pasta with Veggies

  • Boil pasta add salt to taste
  • Grind one tomato add spices black pepper, salt, some vinegar
  • Take pasta in one plate add tomato sauces cucumber, broccoli, carrots

Your dinner is ready with various nutrients.

Bottom Line

So hope you get the motivation to keep you healthy if you are confused about how you make dinner healthy, so follow the above ideas and let begin your healthy diet. Nutrients are vital for healthy died you should include them in every meal, food without nutrients have no benefits although they are unhealthy for your body. So try to add more nutrients in your food this will help you to keep you healthy and energetic.

As you know, health is wealth…

So eat healthy to stay healthy..

I hope you will follow my above tips and make your dinner healthy.